Phántom Wallét – A friendly crypto wallet

Phántom Wallét- The best user-friendly Wallét for Solana Blockchain 

Available as a web browser extension, this Wallét is by far the best development that has been made in keeping in mind the need of users who are looking to work with the Solana blockchain. The Phántom Wallét users have found this Wallét to be the best among different Wallét services present globally because it lets them store, send, swap, and stake crypto tokens easily in a unified space.

To learn more about it along with the involved procedure to get started, here are the different sections you can refer to.

What type of Wallét is a Phántom Wallét?

Well, it is a non-custodial Wallét that lets you work and trade through the Solana blockchain. Well, if you know about MetaMask, then understanding the Phántom Wallét would be easier for you. As we know that this comes in the form of a browser extension, therefore you do not need to undergo a lot of hassle in order to start using this Wallét service- just download and add it to your browser (Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Edge, etc.) In addition to this, you should also note that this Wallét can be used to store, swap, and stake crypto as well as NFTs. And the best thing about using this Wallét is that it lets you have access to the Defi apps as well.

Is it safe to use the Phántom Wallét?

Well, it is completely in the hands of the user how many precautionary measures he takes in order to safeguard his Wallét. Along with that, the Wallét service providers also make sure that you get to use strict security options to ensure the safety of your funds. Being a non-custodial Wallét, it gives users the opportunity to get a complete hold of their private keys. Also, it provides you with a secret recovery phrase that only you have access to.

How to set up or create a new Phántom Wallét?

Well, in order to start using the Wallét services that are made available to the Phántom users, you can follow the stepwise instructions that are listed below:

  1. To begin with, you first need to navigate to the official Phántom website
  2. Here, you need to make sure that you click on the given option to download the Phántom Wallét extension
  3. Now, follow the prompts to add it and then open it by clicking on its icon
  4. Next up, what you need to do is click on the “Create new Wallét” option
  5. When you are shown the secret recovery phrase, note it down or store it
  6. Then, you need to set up a Phántom login password
  7. At this stage, you can create a Wallét shortcut or start using it directly

How to buy Solana with the Phántom Wallét?

To directly buy SOL from the Phántom Wallét, the easy steps that you can follow have been listed below:

  1. To begin, open the Phántom Wallét extension
  2. Now, click on the “Deposit” option available there
  3. Thereafter, choose the option that says “Buy with MoonPay
  4. Next up, you shall be asked to enter the amount of SOL that you wish to buy
  5. On the landing page, you need to enter the email address along with the verification code
  6. Now, start filling in your basic details along with billing and payment details


Well, this read has definitely helped us in learning some complex details about the Phántom Wallét in an easy way. All you need to do is read through these details carefully or you can also refer to the given details as and when needed by adding this page as the bookmark on your device. We hope we were of great help to you by sharing these details.